Kansas Attachment Center

Helping Families Build Stronger Connections

What I Provide

25 years of experience in the mental health field through a variety of settings including Menninger Clinic, Topeka State Hospital, Battered Women?s Task Force, behavioral disorder school, community mental health centers and community based programs. 

Hundreds of hours of training in family therapy, attachment-based therapies, trauma treatment, disruptive behavior disorders in children, domestic violence treatment and parenting special needs children.


Availability is an important part of my practice.  Clients rarely have difficulty with getting in to see me on short notice or receiving two sessions a week when needed.  I am also available to them by e-mail and phone.  For individuals and families committed to change that do not have insurance to cover the cost of services, I provide payment options.

Christian values direct how I view relationships and provide services.  However they are my values and I do not impose them upon those who do not hold the same values. 


Client-centered services in which the client is always an active participate in the assessment, plan development and evaluation of progress.  The treatment process is not done to the client but with the client.  Treatment is focused on addressing the client?s needs, not mine.   Therefore the treatment process involves collaboration between the client and the therapist.


In working with families, the client is all family member engaged in the process.  Focus is on the relationship, not on one member of the family.  Sometimes parents decide that individual work is needed before or along side family work.  Parents feel depressed and need to work on resolving this before they are able to work on family issues.  Or parents find that in their relationship with their child some of their own childhood pains have surfaced and need to address these so they do not interfere with the family work to be done.   Children may need some individual sessions to decrease their opposition to working with their parents in resolving relationship problems.  Or they may not feel comfortable or ready to share feelings or thoughts with their parents when we first begin family work.

The process of creating a stronger connections and better emotional health does not have to be overwhelming.  In fact, this process can be one of the most exciting and self-affirming experiences you can go through.   It provides a safe and supportive place to explore. It offers an opportunity for healing and growth. 


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The Institute for American Values recently released a study by the Commission on Children at Risk that found:


?In the midst of unprecedented material affluence, large and growing numbers of U.S. children and adolescents are failing to flourish?more and more young people are suffering from mental illness, emotional distress, and behavioral problems.  What?s causing this crisis of American childhood is a lack of connectedness ? close connections to other people and deep connections to moral and spiritual meaning.?