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Quotes We give Kim the highest recommendation possible. We searched for around 6 years for a therapist that could help, with little to no luck. Kim’s experience and intuition were evident at our very first appointment and she has literally been a lifesaver. She understands how to get to the root of a problem and gives tools to fix it so life can go on. Quotes

Quotes Kim knows her stuff! Quotes

Quotes Our daughter was going to be placed in a children’s home because she was too difficult for foster families to handle. We found Kim and soon adopted our daughter. Now I have the most loving and loyal daughter in the world. It never would have happened without Kim. Quotes

Quotes Kim Cross is a genius. I was struggling a lot with some stuff in my past and Kim helped me. I am now happier than I ve ever been thanks to the tools and methods she gave me. Quotes

Quotes I was once a scared little girl who was lost in the world. I never expressed my emotions though. Something told me not to. Maybe it was that I thought I was going to get into trouble, or maybe it was because I thought that nobody could handle it, let alone myself. If there was one thing I was wrong about, it was that nobody cared. There was one person who I knew cared, but showed that love through something called "tough love." Haha, Imagine a 6 year old girl trying to comprehend the term "tough love." I never knew the feeling of love until I met Kim. I knew that this woman named Sara, who happened to be my biological mother, loved me…but not for the right reasons or in the right ways. Kim taught me a lot of things. But she also showed me things too. She showed me how it felt to be loved unconditionally, she taught me how to express my emotions in a way that didn’t hurt others around me. If anyone deserves the title "Mom" , for me that would be KIm Cross. Quotes
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Quotes No one else was able to help my daughter heal. Kim was our last resort. I thank God every day for a woman who has dedicated her life to healing children and teaching parents how to help their child. She is straight forward, honest, tells it like it is. Do what she says, stick with it and your child will flourish! Thank you Kim!! Quotes
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Quotes The Attachment Center is the only place we found that truly understands attachment and related issues and how to address them properly and effectively. Quotes

Quotes Going to see Kim Cross was the best decision I ever made. Changed my life forever. My personal life is better than ever and family life is great now. Quotes

Quotes Really understands and knows how to work with children, and their parents, who have trauma and attachment problems. I wish we had gone to her sooner. Our child had been to 3 other therapist in 4 years and just kept getting worse but in 4 months she began to get better and we were given the tools we needed to help her heal. We are almost done with therapy and feel blessed to have found Kim. Quotes

Quotes The Lord has been gracious to us these last two and one half years since we have seen you. Our son has grown up a lot. He still has adolescent growing pains, but we have his heart; we can talk and he is able to feel with other people. Quotes