Attachment Center of Kansas

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Services and Cost

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation          $100 plus

A Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation can be done in office or online for families already involved in treatment or just wanting information on their child’s behavior.  It is required for starting therapy at the Center.  The evaluation assesses the multiple areas that can be impacted by early childhood neglect, abuse or other adverse experiences.  These areas include trauma, mental health, relationships, executive functioning, sensory, social and communication development.  The $100 fee is for testing materials, scoring and review of results only and can be provided in office or online.  The in office evaluation will include a diagnostic session for both the parent and child and at least one family and one individual session.  Online evaluations will vary in what services are provided depending on if insurance or a health plan is used.  

Adoption Consultation                                  $150

An Adoption Consultation is provided to parents who are in the process of adopting or have recently adopted a child/ren. This consultation includes a review of documentation on the child (court, foster and/or adoption care agency, preschool/school and medical if available) and the parents’ home study as well as information from the parents. Using this information, a consultation is provided to address any concerns by the parents regarding transitioning, environment, parenting, discipline and emotional and developmental needs.  This service is provided in office or online.

Online Coaching/Consultation                           $75

An online coaching or consultation session is available for parents, professionals or other parties seeking parenting or treatment information on a specific family or child or to discuss your situation and if services would be appropriate for your child and family.

Therapeutic Services                                   

The Diagnostic Interview ($155), Individual ($120) and Family ($125) sessions are the therapeutic services provided at the center.  All are attachment and trauma focused and usually take 40 to 50 mins.  

Mental Health Checklist

Free mental health screening to alert parents to any mental health and/or emotional problems that may be present.