Attachment Center of Kansas

Helping Families Build Stronger Connections

The Attachment Center of Kansas has a variety of services to meet the needs of families who are adopting, have a child with attachment or trauma related problems and/or are concerned about the parent/child relationship. 


When therapy is not needed, consultations are available for parents who want a healthier connection with their child and need help in developing more effective parenting skills.  This service has often been used by adoptive parents in preparing them for what to expect from the child being placed in their home and appropriate interventions to use before, during and/or after the placement of the child in the home.  

Consultations are available in office or by phone for $90 and can include additional services to assist with a more accurate, individualized assessment of the child's needs and interventions.  These services include

*  a review of records, up to 30 pages, on child's social history, CINC, social services and mental health reports, etc.  $60 

*  online mental health assessment with summary $100 or with report $250.

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment 

A psychiatric diagnostic evaluation is required to start therapeutic services at the Center.  It involves gathering information on both the permanent primary caretaker and child as well as their relationship.  

The assessment covers areas of attachment, trauma (including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual abuse and stress), executive brain functioning, development (sensory, social, motor, communication and living skills), the parent child relationship and overall emotional health of both the parent and child. The results assist in determining an accurate diagnosis, co-occurring problem areas, appropriate referrals and interventions and effective parenting interventions.  This meets the standards for attachment and trauma assessments.

The Comprehensive Psychological Assessment  usually involves 2 to 4 more sessions, after the psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, with family sessions billed under the parent and individual sessions billed under the child.    A deposit is required to cover the cost of testing materials or a no show/late cancellation fee.

Once the evaluation is completed, a session is scheduled to discuss the results of the evaluation, recommendations and treatment options.  It will be billed as either a family session or consultation depending on if services are private pay or insurance. A written comprehensive report on the assessment is optional for $200.

Therapy Sessions

Treatment is relationship focused and experience based.  Parent involvement is usually required through participation in sessions and/or at home interventions and activities.  Therefore two sessions, one with the child and parent and a second with the parent only, on a weekly or bi-monthly basis is required.