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Free books to help children develop skills.  Click the title to be taken to the resource.

Crano the Angry Volcano

Anger management
Crano is an angry volcano that destroys an island but the islanders teach him how to manage his anger.
Managing emotions
Teaches children an anger management technique called Tuck and Think.

The story of a young girl who is struggling after the death of her mother.

The story of a 10-year-old boy’s experience following the tragic death of his father.
Sexual abuse

Children are taught the

difference between a good secret and a bad secret.


Breathe, Think and Do

An intro to anger management for toddlers, preschoolers and young children.  iTunes or Google Play.

Calm Kids with Mamaphant

Teaches toddlers and preschoolers children how to practice conscious breathing.   iTunes or Google Play.

FOCUS On the Go!

Games to teach children how to identify  emotions, chill and solve problems.  Also has guides for parents.   iTunes and Google Play.

Triangle of Life

Designed to help children age 8-12 understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Available from Google Play and iTunes. 

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My Body Belongs to Me, a video to teach children about physical boundaries and what to do about inappropriate sexual touch.

Little Children, Big Challenges provides numerous resources for families to help young children manage feelings.

What Are Thoughts is a cartoon video to teach children about thoughts and how they  connect to feelings and behaviors.