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Diagnostic interview:    $155 (60 minutes)

Individual sessions:      $100 (50 minutes)    

Family/Couple session:  with client  $120 (50 mins)   
                                without client  $100 (50 mins)

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy:  $75 (50 minutes)

Application fee for Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: $185



I currently accept insurance payments from BCBS of Kansas and Preferred Health Systems/PPK for individual, family and marital therapy. If you have a different insurance plan than what I accept, call your insurance case manager and check into your out-of-network benefits. Most insurance companies will pay for services received from out-of-network providers however I cannot participate in the collection of reimbursements. To ensure you understand your financial obligation in regards to treatment, check with your insurance on the type of sessions they cover and any limits they may have on the number of sessions and/or frequency of sessions. Many insurance companies, including Medicaid, will only pay for a limited amount of sessions such as 20 or fewer family therapy sessions, only two sessions per month and will not pay for family session without client or marital therapy. If your insurance requires preauthorization, this will need to be completed before your first session. 

You are responsible for payment of any services not paid for by your insurance company. Your portion of the payment is due at the time of service. Your payment for mental health services qualify as medical deductions on tax returns or through cafeteria plans and health savings plans.


Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is a specialized treatment that requires an extensive evaluation and intense work by the therapist, parents and child.  Sessions are 110 minutes long and provided weekly.  Most insurance companies will only pay for one 50-minute session per day and a limited amount of sessions per month (2) or year (20 or less).  Therefore sessions are set up as a combination of a 50-minute Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy session and a 50-minute family therapy session.  I make every effort with the insurance company to have the number of sessions per month/year increased however I cannot guarantee they will do so.  This means that the family will need to pay for the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy sessions and may need to pay for some of the family therapy sessions out of pocket.  Since treatment is two hour long and weekly, I have significantly reduced the cost of a 50 minute
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy to make treatment affordable to families.  A reduced fee for family therapy may be provided for families without insurance.  

Most families with adopted children needing Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy receive a monthly subsidy of up to $400 to pay for mental health services not covered by Medicaid.  This subsidy pays for a significant portion of treatment.  Many families also use a medical reimbursement plan to cover the cost of treatment that also has the added benefit of lowering their tax burden for the year. 

Families participating in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy report the cost of treatment is small compared to wages lost due to problems at school, childcare or in the community, frustration over wasted time, energy, money, mileage and wages from attending non-productive therapy, school meetings and medication appointments and stress, depression and conflict within the family.  Having a healthy family is priceless.