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Providing education, advocacy, resources and support.


Kansas ATTACh Membership

Members cannot have been convicted of a criminal offense against a child. Members must pay yearly memberships dues and agree to uphold the bylaws of Kansas ATTACh.

Level of
membership and benefits:

All memberships include the chapter newsletter, voting privileges in the Kansas ATTACh Executive Board Election, eligible to serve on a committee,  use of the bulletin board and 20% discount on all Kansas ATTACh trainings, conferences and workshops and  books.

Parent:  Annual fee is $36.  Criteria – Any parent of a child diagnosis with attachment related problems by a Qualified Mental Health Professional.   Membership also includes a reduce fee for the parents’ support group and parenting related information and resources. 

Advocate: Annual fee: $48.  Criteria – Any person interested in supporting the mission of Kansas ATTACh.  Membership also includes certificate of membership and packet of attachment related information and resources.

Professional: Annual fee: $60.  Criteria – Any person with a master’s degree or higher in the social services field and licensed by the state of Kansas.  Must have 30 hours of attachment related training and agree to abide by the ATTACh Professional Standards of Practice.  Membership also includes participation in professional development events, attachment related information and resources, listing on our website and a membership certificate.

Advocate Agency/Business:  Annual fee: $180.  Criteria – Any agency, business or organization interested in supporting the mission of Kansas ATTACh.  Membership also includes free publicity on our website, in our newsletter and at community presentations and certificate of membership.

The Kansas ATTACh bylaws require members to actively participate in the organization.  This may includes any of the following: passing out brouchures and flyers, being a support person for other members, donating items, participating in a committee and/or engaging in advocacy activities.    Members are provided with various opportunities to utilize their strenghts and talents through the mission of Kansas ATTACh.   A copy of the organization’s bylaws is provided upon membership or when requested by e-mail.

Membership Application

Parent Membership Services


For caretakers of a child who has been diagnosed with attachment difficulties or Reactive Attachment Disorder and are, have been involved in or are considering attachment based therapy and reparenting.



6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

This group offers caregivers a place to meet and talk with other caregivers, learn more about parenting attachment challenged children, talk to caregivers who have or are involved in attachment therapy, find professional help, and establish support systems.  Check our event calendar for guest speakers, video presentations and more.

Group Fee:  Members – $1.00,  Non-members – $2.50  (First visit is free)


5620 E. 21ST North
Wichita, Kansas

Life Skills Group for Children with Attachment Difficulties
  2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Cost per child: $7


Other services available: 
Mom’s Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, Back to School Bar B Que, Creating a Life Book group, free admission to workshops and e-mail support.

Advocate and Professional Membership Benefits

Members of Kansas ATTACh who are professionals working in the children’s mental health system or child welfare system are provided with a support group for education, consultation and networking every 2 months. 

Message Board for Advocate/Professional Members Only
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Free 90 minute informational presentations are available to community groups, agencies, support groups, parents’ groups, student groups, businesses, etc.  They include information on Attachment Disorder, Attachment therapies, Dyadic Psychotherapy, Parenting and Support.


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