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Attachment related educational, advocacy, resource and support services.


      Kansas ATTACh Membership

Members cannot have been convicted of a criminal offense against a child. Members must pay yearly memberships dues and agree to uphold the bylaws of Kansas ATTACh.

Rights and Duties of members:

Each member will be expected to contribute time and/or resources to the development and activities of the chapter.  This may include such activities as passing out pamphlets or providing space at their agency for posters and pamphlets, mentoring a parent, donating equipment or supplies, serving on a committee, etc. 

Each member will be courteous towards other members and respectful of their right to confidentiality concerning matters of a personal nature.  No member is to engage in activities that promote conflict among the membership or undermine the mission and philosophy of the chapter.

No member is to engage in activities as a representative of Kansas ATTACh unless the Executive Board has given prior approval.

Any member having knowledge of another member violating chapter’s bylaws or professional ethics is responsible for bringing this to the attention of an Executive Board member.


Level of membership and benefits:

All memberships include the chapter newsletter, voting privileges in the Kansas ATTACh Executive Board Election and eligible to serve on a chapter committee.

Parent:  Annual fee is $36.  Criteria – Any parent of a child diagnosis with attachment related problems by a Qualified Mental Health Professional.   Membership includes a reduce fee for the parents’ training and support group and eligibility to receive parent resources (see below).   Membership also includes 20% discount on all Kansas ATTACh sponsored trainings, conferences and workshops,

Advocate: Annual fee: $48.  Criteria – Any person interested in supporting the mission of Kansas ATTACh.  Membership includes 20% discount on all Kansas ATTACh sponsored trainings, conferences and workshops, certificate of membership and packet of attachment related information and resources.

Professional: Annual fee: $60.  Criteria – Any person with a master’s degree or higher in the social services field and licensed by the state of Kansas.  Must have 30 hours of attachment related training and agree to abide by the ATTACh Professional Standards of Practice.  Membership includes 20% discount on all Kansas ATTACh sponsored trainings, conferences and workshops, participation in professional development events and a membership certificate.

 Advocate Agency/Business:  Annual fee: $120.  Criteria – Any agency, business or organization interested in supporting the mission of Kansas ATTAChMembership include listing in chapter newsletter and on website, certificate of membership and 20% off presentations and trainings. 

* Registered Clinicians with National ATTACh can receive a professional level membership with Kansas ATTACh for $48. 

Membership Application

Current resources for parent members:

Parenting Children with Attachment Difficulties

This training and support group is for parents and/or caretakers of a child that has been diagnosed with an Attachment Disorder or Severe Attachment Difficulties by a qualified professional therapist and is involved in or considering attachment therapy.



Members Only: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Group Fee:  Members – $1.00,  Non-members – $2.50

Open to all: 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm



5620 E. 21ST North

Wichita, Kansas

Message Board for Members Only

Chapter Services:

Presentations and trainings on specific attachment related issues such as attachment disorders, attachment interventions, attachment parenting, attachment therapies, collaboration of services, etc.  $75 per hour plus traveling expenses outside of Wichita, Emporia or Hays Kansas. 

Free hour long informational presentations are available to community groups, agencies, support groups, parents’ groups, student groups, businesses, etc.  for Wichita, Hays, Emporia and surrounding areas.       

Listing of Presentations and Trainings

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