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Casey Life Skills 

The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) is an  evaluation of youth independent living skills. It consists of statements about life skills that the youth and his/her caregivers complete. All assessments and the scored reports are free of charge.


Should you give your child an allowance?  How much?  What should it be used for?  How to teach responsibility through an allowance.

The Importance of Chores
Giving children household chores is a great way to teach responsibility, and give them a sense of accomplishment.
Age Appropriate Chores Checklist

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Tools for Handling Loss

Life contains lots of losses.  The loss of dreams, the loss of normal childhood experiences, the loss of a marriage, the loss someone you love. Explore the loss experiences of adulthood; what the stages of the grieving process are; how to handle denial, bargaining, anger and despair; how to arrive at acceptance through the letting go process, and how to handle death.


Tools for Relationships

Resolve issues which are barriers to healthy interpersonal relationships. You will be exposed to new beliefs, new behaviors, and new procedures to strengthen, clarify, and heal hurting relationships. You will be given a series of lessons on what are “normal” behaviors necessary to make strong healthy adult to adult relationships. 


Tools for Communication

Learn components of effective communication. They are reflective listening, identifying nonverbal cues, responding with understanding and using effective problem solving techniques.


Tools for Handling Control Issues

Explore the various forms of control of other people, places and things you may be currently involved in. You will be given an overview of what the control issue is, why it is a control issue, the negative results of using this control technique, and how to handle or eliminate this technique from your behavioral repertoire so that you can grow in personal self-esteem, accepting personal responsibility for your own life and growing in personal self-control of your thinking, emotions, and actions.


Tools for Victorious Living in Christ

Many Christian have a difficult time living victorious lives in Christ. They are often so shackled down with their emotional and behavioral baggage that they miss the point of being one of Christ’s children.  Explore the Biblical Foundations for developing truly healthy self-esteem, a self-actualized outlook and a functional mentally healthy life.