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Foster and Adoptive Parenting

Every child entering a new foster or adoptive home is a hurting child.  They have been removed from family, friends, their school and community.  Many have experienced domestic violence, abuse, alcohol and/or drug abuse, neglect and dysfunctional family systems.  They may have inadequate relationship and coping skills, developmental delays, a mental health disorder and poor cognitive development.  Biological parents should also educate themselves about the importance of attachment and attachment activities. The following are some of the many websites to assist you in parenting adventure. 

Helping Your Adoptive Child Attach

Grief and Loss in Adoptive Children


Children of the Heart 


Attachment Activities

Moms of Avoidant Infants and Toddlers

Adoption Resources

Adoption Policy Resource Center

Adoption Subsidy

Resources to Help Defray Adoption Costs

Family Medical Leave Act

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