Kansas Attachment Center

Helping Families Build Stronger Connections

Clients I Work With


Are fully committed to making changes and trying new things. 


Willing and able to make use of and complete the process.


Ready to look at issues from different perspectives.


Wanting success and will not give up.   


Services are successful when our working relationship involves:

Open and honest communication: Without accurate information, I cannot provide the services needed to help the client achieve change and growth.  Without knowledge of the client?s wants, needs, strengths, weakness, values and fears it is impossible to develop a process and tasks that are the right fit for the client and can appropriately assist the client in meeting his/her goals and in evaluating the suitability of the process and tasks.


Commitment to the process and active participation.  Change only happens with time, energy, patience, willingness and active participation from the client.  Information and skills learned have to not only be utilized within the sessions but also have to be practiced between sessions for evaluation, growth and competence to occur.  

Valuing the process and accepting guidance.  Clients that come to me have spent lots of time and energy trying to make changes based on their own knowledge and skills without success.  They are seeking my knowledge, experience and abilities to assist them in resolving problem areas and improving the quality of life and relationships. Frequently missed sessions, resistance to making changes and implementing new thinking and behaviors, viewing this process or the tasks as inconsequential in meeting a critical need and wanting a cheap fix for a life-changing goal will undermine success.


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