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Two assessment processes are conducted at the Kansas Attachment Center, one for those seeking generalized services and another for those wanting an assessment for possiile attachment based problems/disorders.


The generalized assessment involves gathering information on the client’s past and present experiences and significant events, identifying problems areas and symptoms and evaluating the current life situation.  This Information is used to identify the core issues interfering with the client’s well-being and assessing client’s strengths and needs.  

The process begins with contacting the center to schedule a diagnostic session.  An application packet for service is sent out or downloaded, completed and brought to the first session.  At the diagnostic session, the application packet will be reviewed and discussed with the client, questions answers and treatment goals established.  This session takes approximately 60 minutes.  Ongoing assessment occurs throughout the course of treatment to ensure all problem areas are addressed appropriately and to identify progress.

It is not uncommon that during the assessment or treatment process, indicators are present that warrant assessments of other possible conditions or disorders.  Often, especially with children, undiagnosed learning disabilities, auditory or visual processing deficits, nutritional needs and sensory problems are identified.

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For those seeking an assessment for Reactive Attachment Disorder and/or wanting Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, an application packet is sent out or downloaded to be completed and returned along with an application fee.  Once the completed application is reviewed, usually in about a week, I will call to schedule a diagnostic session. 

The assessment process involves 2 two-hour sessions that evaluates the parents’ ability to provide therapeutic attachment parenting, the parent and child’s readiness for and commitment to treatment and the parent/child relationship.  Other areas of evaluation include strengths and needs of the parent, child and family, the child’s internal working model, mental health disorder/s and other possible related issues impacting the child’s physical, emotional and/or mental health.

For the first diagnostic session, either you or your insurance company will be billed for a diagnostic interview and the second hour will be paid for from your application fee.  The next session will be billed to either you or your insurance company as a family therapy session and you will be billed for the second hour of the session at the family therapy rate. 

Once the assessment process is completed, a third session is conducted with the parents and other interested parties to discuss diagnosis.  The results of the assessment are presented verbally and in writing, treatment options are evaluated and treatment interventions are decided.  A decision will be made as to if Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is the appropriate treatment for the family at this time.  You will be billed for a family therapy session without the client.  The report fee will be paid for from the application fee.  The application fee is non-refundable and will cover the cancellation fee and work done should you not complete the assessment process.

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